Parcel Editing Solutions from Bruce Harris & Associates

Parcel Fabric is part of Esri’s Local Government Information Model, and offers several features that can help achieve its goals of efficiency and high quality data:
  1. Spatial Accuracy:  Invaluable to the success of any agency’s goals and vision to support its constituents is the requirement to acquire accurate information content to facilitate efficient decision making and expected results.  The structure of the model and how the content is managed within is key to achieving this goal.
  2. Adjustments are made using least-squares adjustments:  The least-squares adjustment is an industry standard technique commonly used by surveyors to resolve differences between observed and expected values.  It is a statistical method providing for the best fit of the survey point locations and measurements based on the sum of squared mathematical methods.  By using this technique, many measurements can be performed within one calculation.  Adoption of industry standards allows flexibility in building its business architecture and application portfolio for the benefit of constituents.
  3. Accuracy weights can be used to control adjustments to parcels:  Coupled with the least-squares adjustment is the use of accuracy weights to provide the ability to control error distribution that will inevitably occur between recorded documents.
Here are some considerations for a successful conversion into the ArcGIS Parcel Editing Solution.  

Detailed Record Survey Information stored as Plans

The model allows for the attachment of records normally kept on paper and abundantly stored in cabinets to instead be tightly coupled with the geographic information it is representing.  This quick access allows executives and staff to make streamlined, holistic and effective decisions as expected by the constituents. Bruce Harris & Associates, Inc. offers the following solutions for Parcel Fabric Services:
  • Data Design and Implementation
  • Data migration
  • Workflow Analysis
  • Consulting and Training