The team at Bruce Harris & Associates recently discovered some issues while working inside the Parcel Fabric. If you are experiencing any of the editing issues listed below, we recommend installing Esri’s recently released patch, ArcGIS 10.4.1 for Desktop Parcel Editing General Maintenance 2 Patch (available here). If you are editing in 10.4.1. Desktop, the patch will address the following bugs:
  • BUG-000098978 – Parcel Remainder is unable to create more than one parcel when multiple parcels are selected to intersect.
  • BUG-000097210 – The parcel editing Parallel Offset tool on a rotated/scaled parcel fails to extend/trim for a single line segment and/or to maintain the recorded bearing.
  • BUG-000096619 – Exploding a multipart parcel with curves that share a radial point does not explode correctly for radial lines.
  • BUG-000094736 – When using parcel editor to open or edit parcel(s) it should only draw the lines of the open parcel(s).
  • BUG-000094561 – When using parcel editor joining a parcel point to a Control Point should associate the parcel point to the control point.
  • BUG-000091817 – Unable to access an AGO feature service layer that has a GUID column in ArcMap.
We hope this patch helps you avoid any unnecessary headaches, and continues to allow you to experience the full value of the Parcel Fabric. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.