cad map ad Cadastral/Parcel Mapping and Realignment

Cadastral/Parcel Maps are part of the foundation of any successful GIS project.  The maps are also an integral part of the assessment/appraisal process.  Bruce Harris & Associates’ experts develop parcel maps using the original source documents that created the parcels.  Our expert staff has developed parcel maps for over 200 counties.  Our proven processes support numerous GIS applications and are also used to support municipal and private-sector GIS solutions.  Parcel mapping solutions include:
  • Parcel creation based on original documents such as subdivision plats, surveys, legal descriptions and/or deeds.
  • Conflict resolution and discrepancy reporting.
  • Spatial enhancement and adjustment to new survey control points and/or aerial photography.
All Cadastral/Parcel Mapping and Realignment projects are overseen by Bruce Harris & Associates’ IAAO Designated Cadastral Mapping Specialist (CMS).

Cadastral/Parcel Mapping Maintenance Services

Upon completion of a countywide mapping system, many counties rely on BHA to provide ongoing map maintenance services. If personnel, space, or technology is limited, counties find it more cost effective to have our trained professional staff maintain their map base. Copies of recorded documents such as subdivision plats, deeds, and right-of-way maps are forwarded to BHA for processing on a monthly basis. Our staff processes all documents, makes all required map revisions, and returns copies of the completed work to the county. This ensures that all work processed has been properly reflected on the finished map, saving the county the expense of hiring and training personnel dedicated to performing these services. BHA can perform map maintenance services across all types of maps, including hand-drawn maps. For additional information on our maintenance services, please contact us.