Webinar Recap: 4/17 ArcGIS Enterprise & Esri Server Patch

  • Enterprise Service Pack Updates

ESRI Service Pack Link

  • What is the Data Store?
    • Three Components of Data Store
      • Types of Data Stores: 
        • relational feature data store
        • tile data store (vector and raster caches) on premise
        • spatial temporal big data (mobile tracking, etc.)

Recap for 4/24: Vector Tiles

What are the major benefits to consider with vector tiles?

  • Reasons to use vector tiles: size, speed of creation, cartography (ex. anno/labels; zoom level without scales), and dynamic control of layers

How are vector tiles created? Using ArcPRO –https://pro.arcgis.com/en/pro-app/tool-reference/data-management/create-vector-tile-package.htm

Do I need an Enterprise instance and Portal?

  • Hosting is done through Portal or AGOL
  • Users must have data store for self-hosted caches
    • Federated servers
  • Local machine(s) will be used to process and package (ArcPro)
  • Raster tile packages can be done locally on a PC or a server
    • Scripting components
    • Pre-packaged processing can be challenging to navigate

Example of a vector cache in use?:

  • Parcel polygons for websites and webapps
    • Reference: Erie County, Ohio’s parcels

Things to consider:

  • Generalization of geometry
    • Labeling abilities
  • not recommended for annotation
  • Presentation vs. queriable services?
  • Cartography concerns

What do we do for our BHA Aerials and Tax map, separately:

  • Raster caching tax maps but vector caching could provide rebuild efficiencies.
    • Tax map raster caches (parcels, anno, etc.) are not heavy tasks