Bruce Harris & Associates Partners with Mapillary

FEBRUARY 27, 2017

CHICAGO (FEBRUARY 27, 2017)– Bruce Harris & Associates (BHA), a Geographic Information Systems company headquartered in Batavia, Illinois has signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Mapillary, a street-level imagery technology company based in Malmö, Sweden.

The partnership seeks to seamlessly integrate Mapillary’s affordable, easy-to-use photo collecting and sharing applications with BHA’s mapping products and services. BHA and Mapillary are confident this partnership will be of great benefit to clients, both in the public and private sector, in the United States and abroad.

Mapillary’s state of the art, do it yourself, street level imagery has been seamlessly integrated into BHA’s Paperless Reappraisal System allowing affordable capture and analysis of street level photography within the appraisal cycle. Bruce Harris recognized the need for quality street level imagery at a price point that all clients could access and Mapillary provided the perfect solution for this problem. Through integration into the PRS, appraisers can now collect street level photography while doing their routine field work. The integration also allows access to the photography within the PRS applications for desktop review, field analysis, and quality control. This marriage of street level imagery and field appraisal has finally put the power, and dollars, back in the appraiser’s hands.

“We are excited to offer this revolutionary appraisal tool to our clients,” said Brandon Harris, Director of Sales & Marketing for Bruce Harris & Associates. “The integration of Mapillary technology into the PRS allows appraisers to harness the power of street-level photography, and opens the door to clients whose budgets may not otherwise have allowed for this type of tool.”

“Working with Bruce Harris has been an excellent education in appraisal services,” said Janine Yoong, Head of Business Development for Mapillary. “We are delighted to see our technology applied so effectively by the industry leader to make street-level imagery more accessible and affordable to appraisers.”
About BHA:
Bruce Harris & Associates, Inc. (BHA) is a professional GIS Company specializing in GIS mapping and product development. BHA has been providing GIS solutions to local government agencies throughout the United States for over 20 years, is an Esri Silver Business Partner, and has ArcGIS For Local Government and ArcGIS Online Specialty designations. Bruce Harris & Associates’ products can be found via ArcGIS Marketplace. BHA proudly offers the following products and services: appraisal support applications, parcel maps and mapping, parcel search websites and web apps, digital aerial photography, ArcGIS for Local Government implementations and solutions, GIS consulting, as well as GIS data creation and data conversion services. BHA’s mission is to provide high-quality mapping data and effective solutions in GIS, by helping clients achieve their goals, reduce costs, and deliver accurate results. For more information, visit or call 630-761-0951.

About Mapillary:
Mapillary is a street-level imagery platform, powered by collaboration and computer vision. By making street-level imagery available and affordable, Mapillary helps to build smart cities, create the maps of the future, and pave the way for autonomous vehicles. Mapillary’s apps and tools empower anyone to collect, share and use street-level images to explore places. Using computer vision, Mapillary reconstructs locations and recognizes objects from the images to generate geospatial data.

Mapillary is an Esri Emerging Business Partner based in Malmö, Sweden with employees in United States, Europe and Australia. For more information, visit