Why Migrate to the Parcel Fabric?

The Parcel Fabric offers a variety of elements that expedite the editing process, including:
  • The Plans Table stores important survey and legal details for easy reference
  • The Parcel Fabric model allows for the attachment of digital copies of paper records for quick, easy reference
  • Historic Parcels provide boundary history starting from the point of conversion
  • Automatically create Dimension Text from COGO values
  • COGO bearing and distances are saved for every parcel, even after an adjustment is made
  • Built-in editing Workflows
  • The Parcel Fabric' provides efficient schema for organizing and maintaining data; including the allowance of configurable domains to support associations of features and their attributes
The Parcel Fabric increases editing accuracy in the following ways:
  • Control points are used to spatially adjust and improve data accuracy
  • Features are connected at points, thus preventing gaps and overlaps, as long as best practices are followed
  • Adjustments are made using least squares approach, which provides the best fit of the survey point locations and measurements based on the sum of squared mathematical methods. By using this technique, many measurements can be performed within one calculation
  • The Parcel Fabric also utilizes accuracy weights, which provide users with the ability to control error distribution
  • Lineage between associated Lines, Points, and Polygons help ensure spatial and topological relationships
The Parcel Fabric is more flexible than other editing solutions, and offers more options to users:
  • The schema is configurable and can be modified using a standard geodatabase design
  • The schema can be expanded to support features not included in the Local Government Information Model (LGIM)
Read on for some additional considerations for a successful conversion into the ArcGIS Parcel Editing Solution.

Bruce Harris & Associates, Inc. proudly offers the following solutions for Parcel Fabric Services:

  • Data Design and Implementation
  • Data migration
  • Workflow Analysis
  • Consulting and Training